Friday, July 2, 2010

Off to Falls Creek

Today we went to Falls Creek.  We managed to wake up on time and even leave by our planned departure time of 5am.


We stopped just over two hours into our trip for a refuelling at the Glenrowan McDonalds ... our usual.

In the next leg there's some gorgeous scenery and views to the snow topped mountains.
Day 183 - The Drive

The Boy gets travel sick so we asked him to let us know if he felt unwell. We got over halfway up the mountain before we hear him from the backseat which resulted in a scramble for the plastic bags we had packed. We pulled over and cleaned him up, made sure he had a clean bag and kept driving. He was sick a couple more times then we hear Little girl start up, but she's got no bag and tries to catch it and succeeds in spraying it everywhere. All over The Boy and almost hit the roof. There was no where to pull over so we just had to keep going with the windows wound all the way down in the freezing temperatures. We didn't have far to go so we decided to keep going and i'd try to clean her up in the oversnow depot.

Imagine how glad we were to arrive and find the village roads open allowing us to drive right up to our door to unload. Things kept going our way with our room ready (it was only 10:30 and they didn't have to have the room ready until 2pm). I took Little Girl in and put her fully clothed into the shower.

With everyone cleaned up the washing on and the car parked we had some lunch before heading off for a ski. We were unsure how The Boy would ski after the debacle last year where he didn't even get out of the kiddy play area at Buller ... he skied like a kamikazi and had no problem with the blue run we did so we'll put him in level 3 not level 2 when we drop him off at ski school tomorrow. I was easily the rustiest skier in the family ... why won't my body do what my brain tells it to?

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canpeg said...

Well, I know it wouldn't have been fun, on your drive up to the snow, but I got a laugh LOL Shame some of the photos are missing, but I thought they would be snow ones ?