Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mt Hotham

We went to Mt Hotham for the weekend, skiing with some families from the girls' school. Another 4:20am wakeup to leave by 5am. This one was hard ... I really am not a morning person. It is a long but scenic drive.


We tried to circumvent the vomit fest in the car this time by giving Little girl and The Boy travel sickness tablets ... Little Girl, OK ... The Boy, not so much, but he did manage to keep it in the bag so no mess. The drive up the mountain is gorgeous, lots of views over the mountains and the trees all had beautiful ice formations due to the strong winds and cold weather of the previous few days.

We arrived about 10:30am and unloaded the car, got changed and picked up some lunch. The Boy just had to have a Harry the Snowdragon Cupcake.


For the afternoon we organised a 3hr family lesson which included a good tour of the open runs, particularly useful since this was our first trip to Hotham, and a some helpful instruction. Big Girl requested a harder run so she went off with the instructor by herself to check out some more difficult terrain while the rest of us did the village loop again. By this time The Boy had had enough so Hubby and him went for a hot chocolate while Little girl and I waited near the Summit Poma for Big Girl and the instructor to get back.

Now I generally have a rule that I don't ride T-bars or pomas, if I'm going to do a run I usually make sure it has a chairlift so I can have a nice relaxing ride and some conversation on my way back up to the top, but Little girl requested that we ride the poma during the lesson and do some 360s. So the last 15mins of the lesson was spent with Big Girl, Little girl the instructor and I riding the poma up and doing 360s on the way down ... Hubby and The Boy had a good view of the entertainment from the Summit Cafe.

We stayed at the Wangungarra Lodge. This is our first taste of lodge life and it was pretty good. Our group had the whole lodge. We already knew a few of the families and it was a good opportunity to meet some more. I think we will definitely look at staying in lodge style accommodation in the future.


Second day was beautiful again if a little colder due to the wind. We spent the morning skiing together. Hubby or Big Girl usually lead the way, while I follow up making sure that everyone gets down safely. There was a little stress at times, especially when I had to tell The Boy and Big Girl to stop fighting while they were skiing. They were pushing each other while they skied down the run. Later Big Girl nearly knocked me flat trying to spray me with snow ... yes, so hilarious.

Mid morning I decided to get some video so I said to the kids and Hubby to ski down. I expected them to ski straight down the run from where I was and Hubby did but I lost the kids. Looking around I spotted them off to the other side organising to get the photo taken as they did a jump. They strangely become exhibitionists as soon as they hit the snow. Once I caught up with them the first thing The Boy asks is if I caught their jumps on video. Then Big Girl starts bragging about how she got claps on cheers from the chairlfit for her jump.

In the afternoon one of the parents had organised some race training for the girls and The Boy was keen to join in as well. He worked his magic on one of the big girls who looked after him all afternoon. The girls got separated from the group due to some misunderstandings and the fact that they aren't tall enough to ride the chairlift on their own. The did the right thing though and went into the snowsports school and explained how they were separated from their group. An instructor took them back up to the racetrack and they were just arriving as we stopped to have a look. We thanked the instructor and took over but the girls decided they had had enough. Big Girl said it wasn't much fun because they just had to do the racetrack then ride that "freezing cold lift". The Boy had an absolute ball. When I asked if he wanted me to ride the lift with him he said no thanks ... he was having too much fun with the big senior school girls. When I picked him up at the end the instructor just said "He's fast" ... yes, he loves to go fast.

Day 198 - Mt Hotham

The wind picked up sunday and it was very cold so we decided to make an early start home so we weren't really tired for the start of the week. Little Girl and The Boy finally got to have the play in the snow they's been requesting everyday while we were at Falls Creek.


Little Girl found a icicle that had come off the roof.


Then things got a bit scary ... don't get too close.



A long drive home and we arrived to find our TV broken down ... luckily it's under warranty.


Amy said...

What a great weekend - I'm not a snow person - despite growing up about 1.5hours south of Hotham .. Bairnsdale. My brother was up there last weekend too - he snowboards though. It's amazing how easily the kids pick up the skills - you sound like you have a busy time keeping up with the boy!

canpeg said...

Wonderful photos ! The white really looks lovely and crisp and clean :) Looks like a wonderful time was had by all, even if they were knocked flat in the snow :)

Ramsay said...
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Ramsay said...

For motion sickness, try wristbands and ginger pills (or something else with ginger if they're not up to swallowing) for the kids! My brother, my father and I all have terrible motion sickness but this combination usually works for us, while Dramamine and the like don't really help. Best of luck for your next trip!