Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Girl's Success

Little girl has been sucking her thumb since she was a baby.  It was a very entrenched habit.  We had tried previously to break it using "stop 'n grow" and a points system but without success.  The idea was to catch her without her thumb in her mouth and everytime you do she gets a point.  If you see her with her thumb in her mouth she loses a point but only after she's scored at least 5 points in a row, other wise I just ignored it.  At 100 points she would get the reward of her choice, which might be for example special time with either me or Hubby, or hiring a DVD from the store.  We gave it a good try when she was in grade 1 but in the end it was almost impossible to catch her without her thumb in her mouth so we gave it a rest.

Fast forward 2 years and we still had constant thumb sucking happening when she was around us and the need to stop was getting more and more important due to upcoming orthodontic appointment as well as for her speech.

Anyway we had started to broach the subject with Little Girl and in her words "I don't see how I will do it ... it's impossible"

So Big Girl pipes up "Well pray about it!!"

So I added it to my daily prayer list and I got small group praying for her too.  So she went to her speech therapist 2 Fridays ago and I haven't seen her sucking her thumb once since then ... not even while watching TV ... and now she says it is getting easier.  I'm so proud of her.


Fast forward two months and she only has the occasional slip up ... sometimes she gets annoyed with me and I think she does it on purpose.

 I'm going to declare this mission accomplished.

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Amy said...

Well done to The Little Girl :-)