Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've Been Cooking up a Storm ...

in preparation for our departure to Falls Creek tomorrow. I started Monday with a big pot of stock. I normally keep the chicken carcass from our roast and trimmings from celery in the freezer until I'm ready to make it.

The caramel apple sticky buns were to eat now, luckily because they only lasted 24 hours. I took one plate round to my sister's though.


My dad likes to visit some hospitality shop and often drops round to our house with a stack of plastic takeaway containers. They were starting to pile up but they've come in handy for freezing food this week.


From the left:

This kids go to ski school while we're up at the snow and the food served up is usually of the fast food variety (they do get fruit) so I like to make sure they have plenty of healthy food for breakfast and dinner. It also saves our budget if we take up food ... there's only a very small supermarket up on the mountain. So today I finished off the shopping ...


and went to the Camberwell market for some fruit and veges.


We also packed. This is our main staging area which extends out into the entry. It's looking a bit better now, last night there was a huge pile of ski gear in the middle.


I've also been checking the cams to see what the snow is like. It's always a bit of a nail biting exercise waiting to see if they'll be enough snow at this time of year.


We now have the skis on top of the car and I just have to wait for these to cool ...


and pack the rest of the gear in the car. Tomorrow morning looks like a 5AM start ... we're going to try to get up on the mountain in time to ski in the afternoon.

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canpeg said...

From the temps up here it is cold enough for you to go skiing, Mel !