Monday, July 5, 2010

iPod, food and Falls Creek ... this week's P365

They spent the day videoing themselves with his iPod.

Day 179 - iPod Videos

Tuesday's in the school holidays means we have a visitor, my girl does a good job entertaining her cousin.

Day 180 - 1 Extra

One plate went to my sister's and we ate one ourselves.

Day 181 - Apple Caramel Buns

Stocking up the frozen meals to take with us up to Falls Creek.

Day 182 - Frozen Meals

Beautiful scenery on the drive up to Falls Creek

Day 183 - The Drive

Night skiing down Wombat's debuted tonight with free lift tickets.

Day 184 - Night Skiing

All day ski school and a swim afterwards makes for a tired boy.

Day 185 - Tired Boy

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