Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hanging With the Big Boys

We got home from Falls Creek at about 9pm last night.  We got the kids in bed and unpacked the car then I fell into bed and didn't move until this morning.  I've started the washing and plan to get our gear clean and dry then pack it all back in the cases for next weekend.

The Milo Junior Workshop is for ages 6-14 and the groups are based on ability not age so The Boy was in a group with quite a few bigger boys.  He's been learning a few new skills over the week ... he's not one to stand back if there's a bit of mischief going on.


Big Girl came home the first day and told on him: "The Boy was doing this to everyone at lunchtime" and gave the bird.  I'm sure the bigger boys thought it was hilarious.

Yesterday Hubby and I were killing time down the bottom of Falls Express and we see a boy (about 13) come flying down the hill, speed in and hockey stop just before he ploughed into the lift queue.  I'd only just finished the thought "typical boys" when I saw my Boy come racing down and do the exact same thing.  The rocket boosters in his skis are working a bit too well I think ... and stocks make good swords apparently.

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