Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to school, activities and Mt Hotham ... this week's P365

The last day of holidays. She had an orthodontic assessment, we did a little shopping, then went to the park.

(12/7) Day 193 - Bubbler

She's written an outline now it's time to put her movie together on the computer.

Day 194 - Movie Making

Back into a routine. The bad - dragging the kids out of bed in the morning. The good - my solitary walks.

(14/7) Day 195 - Solitary

It was the first night I dropped her off and left. I hoped it went OK.

(15/7) Day 196 - Swim Squad

I'm not a morning person but the watching the sunrise as we drove to Hotham was beautiful.

Day 197 - Sunrise

Big day of skiing as a family in the morning and race training for the kids in the afternoon.

Day 198 - Mt Hotham

It was bitterly cold and blowing a gale, we decided to forgo skiing and get home at a reasonable hour.

(18/7) Day 199 - Snow Gum

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