Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Around the Traps

On Saturday the HeraldSun had 10 top recipes from this year's season of Masterchef.  In honour of the finish of Masterchef we had Jimmy's Butter Chicken for tea on Monday night.  I love the butter chicken from our local Indian so I was keen to give this a try.  It's not the same, but was still really good.  It makes a much lighter dish than I was used to and didn't make me thirsty so that was a plus.  The plus is that there's not too many ingredients and it really is very easy.  The kids ate it ... will be making it again.

You can see what another blogger thought and get the recipe here.  I didn't want to make another dish of vegetables so I threw in some carrot and broccoli when I added the chicken to the sauce and 5mins from the end a handful of frozen peas ... worked a treat and we got our quota of veges.


I've been following habit for most of this year, it is such a wonderful source of inspiration for my P365.  For the month of July they have welcomed anyone who wishes to join in the fun by posting to the habit flickr group.  The idea is to post a real moment from your day along with no more than 30 words in the description.  The words can capture a single moment, or the essence of the whole day, they don't need to be related to the photo.  If you are doing P365 or you just like to peruse beautiful photography and words you should check it out.

It feels weird posting that last sentence then saying this ... my photo is on the blog today.


Loved these words by Rene Breuel
We are creatures of eternity, people with a destiny to fulfill or to ignore, but with a destiny awaiting us nonetheless. Every now and then one of us succumbs to adversity or to easy comforts, and settles. We let ourselves get enclosed by time and squeezed out by minutes and seconds; we miss the vast plains of eternity, and miss ourselves. We forget to look ahead and we close our eyes. We nestle in the moment and stop asking ourselves why we exist, or what do we live for, as someone too cosy to care.
Read the rest of Shaped by the Future.

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Amy said...

Masterchef has been a hit here too. Going to see your photo on the other blog now :-)