Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What to do on a public holiday ...

when Hubby is away?  Well since it was on a Monday which is my cleaning day the kids got to help me clean the house ... but I'm not a total dragon ... I did give them a list of jobs and they chose one to do.

The Boy chose to clean the toilet.  This was his first time so I had to walk him through it, and the gloves were a bit big.


He declared cheerfully that now he would be able to clean it everyday.  Both Little Girl and The Boy are still at an age where they find helping out on these kinds of jobs almost fun.  Sara chose to clean the shower, again it was her first time so I showed her what to do.


Big Girl chose to vacuum the bathroom, entry and hallway ... she's not at an age where she considers it fun so there was quite a bit of grumbling.


The Boy wanted to do some vacuuming so he did the lounge and dining rooms for me. I never realised a sword was required while cleaning house.


The good news was that with everyone pitching in, and the kids picking up and putting their stuff away we were finished in an hour ... our house is pretty small.

So I started some cinnamon buns.  With just the kids and I at home I decided to just make a half batch and to leave the coffee out of the icing.   The recipe requires standing time at various points so I kept coming back to it.

Meanwhile we walked to the supermarket, lazed around and then planted the seedlings.


One thing I will tell you ... the cinnamon buns make a big mess ...


but smell yummy ...


and taste even yummier.

3 cinnamon buns

Oh, and that would be #31 on The List

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canpeg said...

Those cinnamon rolls looks so yummy :) Well done kidlets on the housework. Psst ... I'd pick cleaning the toilet over the fridge, any time !!