Thursday, June 24, 2010

That Would be Term 2 done

Yep, it was last day of term for the kids today ... half the school year finished.  I was completely unprepared.  The Boy needed a crazy hat which I was wandering around the house finding things to use last night at 10pm.


He finished it off this morning.


He also had a BBQ and I'd forgotten to put the money in (it was due on Tuesday). We detoured past the office and luckily it wasn't too late and I wasn't alone, the receptionist had a huge pile of late orders.

Little Girl had an afternoon tea after school and Big Girl's class was meeting at a park but there's only one of me so I decided it would be more pleasant to be inside and have afternoon tea so we stayed for Little girl's which didn't go down that well with Big girl.

The Boy was hanging round the food table. I think he was hoping he could sneak something, or maybe he was just getting in position so he was ready.


He plays the cute card well.


By the time we made it home it was too late to cook the dinner I had planned so we had a visit to M.C.s to celebrate the ned of term.

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Amy said...

Enjoy the holidays - we are looking forward to them here! I was a late payer for our class BBQ last week ... we survived!