Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes you just have to turn up

I was sitting in church last Sunday, nice and relaxed, we have really comfy seats, when what Jess is saying sinks in and I suddenly remember the email I got a couple weeks ago telling small group leaders to be ready to pray in the service this week ... aarrgh ... I'd forgotten!!  For some people that would probably be no big deal but even after many years as a Christian I still find praying aloud, in groups, with other people kind of awkward and praying for strangers is completely outside my comfort zone.

So, anyway, I'm sitting there totally unprepared and thoughts scattering all over the place ... maybe I'll sit this one out ... you can't do that ... there's not many people at the service ... I'm sure they'll have enough prayers ... you're a leader for crying out loud ... you did it last time, and it was fine ... OK I'll get up ... I'll just stand here, well away from the end of the aisle.

Long story short, no one came to me or the guy next to me for prayer, so towards the end of the time we prayed for each other, and I felt God in a powerful way that I've probably only experienced a handful of times.  A wonderful reminder that God works in spite of our weaknesses and insecurities, in fact I think I see it more often in these situations because I am forced to rely on Him instead of my own abilities.

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