Monday, June 28, 2010

Road closed, end of term and daddy home ... this week's P365

Tired of having an altercation with workmen everytime I want to drive to my house ... they're not even working at our end of the street.

Day 172 - Road Closed

Reading his reader to daddy over skype.

Day 173 - Long Distance Reader

Remembered at 10pm a crazy hat is needed to celebrate the last day of term at school tomorrow

Day 174 - Crazy Hat

Of course he wouldn't be trying to sneak some food at my girl's end of term afternoon tea.

Day 175 - End of Term

School term finished early for them so they came to mainly music with me. Luckily my big girl went to a friend's.

Day 176 - mainly music

He'd been asking for days when Daddy's coming home.

Day 177 - Daddy's Home

Enjoying the chance to catch up with daddy after 2 weeks away.

Day 178 - Sunday Games

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tamara said...

I love that photo reading to dad over skype. We do that too. Great photos.