Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Play

The Boy and Little Girl prepared a special play for us this week. Little Girl even made a program.


The first act was The Boy's but he decided he didn't want to perform alone and Little Girl refused to do it with him which caused an argument, which then degenerated into shoving. I called a halt and made them move onto the next act. As entertaining as a knock down brawl is on the family videos, I wasn't in the mood ... anyway we've already been there and done that in filming last years Christmas e-card.

Second act was a dance to the song Tales of the B.I.B.L.E. which has a nautical theme so they put up a kind of sailors jig ... until The Boy started running laps of the beanbag and falling over ... falling over seems to feature heavily in The Boy's dance moves.

Day 162 - The Concert

Next they acted and sang the story in Scary Song.   Little girl played the kid while The Boy played the bad guys and the parents.



Followed by a violin solo by Little Girl.


Hubby captured the whole thing on video ... which means #38 on the list is done.

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