Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday stuff, school stuff, a play and the park ... this week's P365

She made cupcakes so her school friends could celebrate her birthday tomorrow.

Day 157 - Cupcakes

She scored one thing off her birthday wish list ... a happy girl.

Day 158 - Heartgold

It was Fairytale day at school for him, that means dressing up, making gingerbread, a parade and puppet show.

Day 159 - Making Gingerbread Men

This year there were no props which made it easier for him to stay focused. He did well.

Day 160 - Piccolo Canto

We only had ten candles but a match made eleven.

Day 161 - The Party

They'd prepared all week, with 4 acts and even a program all captured on video.

Day 162 - The Concert

After spending a very long morning at church they needed the run around.

Day 163 - At the Park

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