Monday, May 17, 2010

A new pump, new book, new shoes, new skis, cross country and some things from the garden ... this week's P365

A new pump and we're back on track after a weekend of doing laundry at Tan's.

Day 130 - Fixed

Thinking what's for tea and I remembered the 9 pumpkins out in the garden ... we did some harvesting.

Day 131 - Pumpkin Harvest

She buried her nose in her early birthday present as soon as Nan had left.

Day 132 - Happy Girl

A last taste of summer brought inside as the cold weather rolls in.

Day 133 - Late Rose

We both went to support the boy after my girl got sick and couldn't compete in her district crosscountry which would have clashed.

Day 134 - Cross Country

The fact that they would fall off her feet if she ran hardly counts when they are so silver and sparkly.

Day 135 - New Shoes

Getting ready for the ski season ... we pulled everything out, got the kids to try it on, then replaced and put on sale the too small items.

Day 136 - New skis, boots ...

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