Monday, May 24, 2010

Movies, autumn and just hanging around ... this week's P365

A bit of silliness after seeing Robin Hood at Crown goldclass courtesy of Craig's travel ... canapes and drinks included.

Day 137 - Movies

They're only there so my girl can practice her speech exercises.

Day 138 - Junk Food

New haircut with awesome blowdry ... feeling much too glamorous for school pickup, swimming lessons and church business meeting.

Day 139 - That's Me

He sounded terrible in the morning ... I hoped a quiet day at home would help him shake the lingering cough.

Day 140 - Home Again

Won't be long and the trees will be bare.

Day 141 - Autumn Colour

Lots of these under the tree in our backyard.

Day 141 - Fungi

Looks exciting.

Day 142 - Sunday, lazy Sunday

1 comment:

Amy said...

It's always so disappointing to be unable to replicate the blow dry at home - well that's my case anyway! Looks very snazzy :-)