Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Began with coaxing out Little girl out of bed ... she had a bad cough and no voice.  Then I enlisted The Boy and Big girl to take photos while I enjoyed the traditional present time in bed.


Both schools run a Mother's day stall so the kids picked up some presents from there. The Boy was very lucky his teacher lent him some money after he threw the envelope of money he had nagged me for into his room instead of putting it straight into his bag. They also made cards and things for me too ...


From Big Girl:
Thank-you for being the kindest mum ever. You are the best!

At least she didn't put her sentiments from our horror morning on Friday in the card ... then I was "The meanest mum ever" ... I'll claim that if it means I *gasp* make her go to school.

Little Girl:
hope you have a spectacular Mother's Day. I will love you forever.

Putting her expanding vocabularly to use, very good.

and The Boy went with the basics:
Happy Mother's Day

He also made a book of vouchers:
This voucher entitles you to clean the toilet
This entitles you to make breakfast in bed
This voucher entitles you to cleanup the house

I'll be rushing to cash these in ... Hubby thought it was hilarious ... but The Boy did really mean that he would clean the toilet. I said I'd be happy if he just cleaned his room which looked like he had picked everything up thrown it in the air and left it all where it fell. So in the afternoon he did and Hubby supervised him.

After breakfast, croissants, not in bed, I hate eating in bed ... the mess you know, I took The Boy and Big Girl off to church and Hubby stayed home with Little Girl.  Then my day almost went horribly wrong.  We were crossing the road, with the green walky man, and The Boy was maybe a metre ahead of me.  A car came up from behind us and turned right, The Boy hadn't seen the car turning and kept walking until I screamed out at him.  The car probably missed him by less than a metre.  The driver didn't even acknowledge us ... jerk.  Big Girl piped up "That could have been the last time we saw The Boy".  I was pretty shaky and just was glad to get the kids dropped off at kidschurch and get into the service ... which was great ... challenging sermon by Allan.

I spent the middle of the day pottering around, making a card for my mum and doing some vege gardening.  For afternoon tea we went to Hubby's sister's, then for tea we went to my sister's for takeaway.  As usual I ate way too much we had a combination of Crust pizzas and Tea House ... love their peking duck.  There were also leftovers which we took home and had for tea last night.  Always pretty wild ... but no injuries tonight ... here's the kids table ... although a couple are missing from this photo.


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Amy said...

Love the vouchers!
Never tried Tea House before - it's a little far away and I prefer Vietnamese on Victoria St ... but always handy to keep in mind for when we want to try something new :-)