Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun and games after school, cuddles and pumpkin pasta ... this week's P365

When I tell her to go and look it up in the dictionary she replies but you're my dictionary #tryagain

Day 143 - Dictionary

It's always interesting when piano and violin practice are happening simultaneously ... luckily not in the same room.

Day 144 - Violin Practice

Piggy went to school and back then joined in after school activities.

Day 145 - Piggy

Weekly progress chart is posted in the bathroom so when she cleans her teeth she can also do her speech exercises

Day 146 - Speech practise

While the other two are running wild in the backyard, she's inside completing various craft projects.

Day 147  - Busy Hands

With one girl at a slumber party, the other at a friend's for sleepover and Hubby at a friends watching footy ... it was just me and him.

Day 148 - Home Alone

Having friends over for lunch that we hadn't seen in 8 years ... a good opportunity to use our home grown pumpkins in a special pasta dish.

Day 149 - Pumpkin Pasta

1 comment:

Amy said...

Would that be the famous pumpkin pasta from Arrivederci's on Nicholson St in Carlton? We love pumpkin pasta here - do you have chili in yours? Served with homemade garlic bread of course and lots of parmesan .... hmmmm, yum!