Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cross Country

Big Girl was supposed to be running in the district cross country for her school last Friday but she woke up in the morning barking like a dog ... she was pretty disappointed to miss it because she has been training and that is the only run.

The upside was that we no longer had a clash with The Boy's cross country so both Hubby and I went out to watch.  They broke the year 1's into two groups, The Boy was in the first.  Here they all are getting their instructions.  They basically chase a teacher on a bike around the oval.  The Boy is on the right end of the line.


He's easily distracted ... starting up a conversation with a teacher.


But he's keen ...


and they're off ...


He really does enjoy himself, although I think he needs to take a least two strides for most kids one.


Here he is after the race ... I'm not sure what the attitude was about.


The Boy's usual teacher was helping out with the older kids so The Boy's class had a fill-in. The Boy obviously decided to push the boundaries because when I went to pick him up at the end of the day she said was out of control and got in trouble five times and another teacher got very angry with him.  I'm always unsure what is the proper response in these instances ... I usually go with a look of concern and then quickly make tracks out of there.   Upon questioning in the car The Boy says he got in trouble for going outside the area and for playing.

Big Girl's opinion "That sucks ... he's a kid ... kids should be able to play."

um ... thanks for supporting your brother, but we're let's try and foster some respect for authorities shall we?

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Amy said...

I know exactly what you mean about finding the right response to the teachers - and the kids too. I have to take into account after school fatigue and six year old melodrama .. such a fine line to tread!