Monday, May 3, 2010

Camps, rain and food in various guises ... this week's P365

They arrived home from camp in a more subdued fashion than they left, lack of sleep tends to do that.

Day 116 - Back Home

After a week of very warm weather the first cold and dreary days hit hard.

Day 117 - Rainy

A 6:45am start for Big Girl's school camp plus Hubby away means I had to drag the other two out in p.j.s

Day 118 - Early Start

Starting seeds inside for our autumn planting ... and recycling at the same time.

Day 119 - Autumn Planting

My boy ate leftovers alone because he doesn't like chinese takeaway.

Day 120 - Eat Alone

Change of seasons means time to sort through wardrobes ... this pile off to the cousins.

Day 121 - Purge

She's been very generous with her boiled lollies purchased from Sovereign Hill while on camp.

Day 122 - Boiled Lollies


Alice M said...

Very interesting week, Mel. I sorted winter and summer clothes, today, too :)

canpeg said...

Oops, that was me, Mel.