Saturday, May 8, 2010


The Boy is doing Auskick this year and today was Mother's Punishment Day.  This was my first visit down to Auskick ... I usually take the girls to tennis.  One of us was very excited ...


First up was the dash for cash ... basically mum's line up and race down the course to grab prize bags at the end - midfield finish for me ... I wasn't on the ball when we went down to line up and ended in the second row of mum's at the start line ... also I wasn't prepared to make a dive at the end ... I mean the grass was wet and newly mown.

Of course I wasn't to know that the dad's taking the session would then announce, with what could only be described as glee, that it would be the mum's doing warmup today not the kids. Star jumps, pushups and situps ... on the wet and newly mown grass ... oh boy were the dad's enjoying this.

Next up a relay ... run ... bounce the footy (for my international readers that is easier said than done with a ball that is far from spherical) ... keep running round the witches hat then come back and handball to the next in line.

Then came tackle-man. Now this is The Boy's favourite activity and the rule was mum goes first then boy gets to go. Tackle-man is a life size blow-up dummy that needs to be tackled to the ground. I hoped to maybe get out of this one as I saw the mums landing on tackle-man as they pushed him over but I couldn't disappoint The Boy. So I graciously conceeded and took tackle-man out ... oh yeah, he was toast. The Boy was commenting later that he was disappointed he didn't get a photo. To illustrate here's The Boy ...


You would think by now the dad's would have had there fun ... but no it was just beginning. Furthest kick competition was next ... which I completed with a respectable mid-range kick then it was mums versus kids tug-of-war. They had some dad's to help them so we waited until they were giving it a decent pull then let go so they all ended up on their backsides ... now that was fun.

Finally it was time for the game which at first The Boy didn't want to join in so he headed across for another go at tackle-man. He also put in a bit of time at the rebound net.


He soon got bored though so I talked him into playing in the game ... managed one touch, then it was home time. Feeling a bit stiff tonight.

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