Friday, April 16, 2010

When I grow up

The Boy: "When I grow up I'm going to drive a bus.  You get to drive people to lots of places"

I love that part of the excitement of being a bus driver wasn't just the allure of driving something big but also the fact that you are serving people.  For him the bus takes you somewhere exciting so why wouldn't you want to do that for other people?

... but things change quickly round here.  Just yesterday he started up:

"I'm going to be a builder.  What if I was a builder and me and my wife wanted to renovate our house.  I could do it.   I'd get a big ball to smash down the house ... it would go through the windows and doors ... smash everything ...."  *insert dreamy smile and staring into the distance here*

I'm just glad he doesn't want to be a pirate ...


... OK, that was just a way of working this seriously cute photo into the post:)

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