Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The US Album

Last week all the talk was about Week In The Life project which I'm keen to do at some stage ... although I'm considering a video/photo combination slideshow instead of album ... just need to work out how that would look.

Anyway I picked up Ali Edwards WeekInTheLife album templates because I thought they'd be fab to use for our album about our US trip.  I really want to get our holiday scrapped and in a book and with these templates and most of my journaling already done courtesy of my blog posts it's coming along quickly ... well quickly for me anyway ... and I LOVE the way it's looking.

Here's our first 2 days ... only 26 more days to go ... and some have way more photos than these.

US Album



amytangerine said...

makes me want to go digital- this is awesome!

Amy said...

It looks fantastic! I've been on the fence about buying these templates but you are tempting me :-)
I'd like to do a 'week in the life' at some stage as well, I put it off last week because we were so so busy, next week is busy too - perhaps that's the idea and I should just bite the bullet and pick any old week.

Maureen said...

Great use for travel. Thanks for the examples, as I have many trips to scrap!