Monday, April 5, 2010

Lots of food, some running, fighting and Easter ... this week's P365

After seeing The Gruffalo at Monash with two youngest, dropped in on my old supervisor. My lab gone replaced by new, shiny, blue and white.

88 - Chemistry Department

We hoped the old one would hang in for a few more months, but unfortunately not, so new dishwasher it is.

89 - New Dishwasher

First session of cross country training for this year. She did laps while the others played at the park.

90 - Training

The kitchen when I decide to make blown and dyed eggs, relish, hot cross buns, ratatouille all before heading off for Maundy Thurs @ church.

91 - Overly Ambitious?

Mum still follows the eating fish on Good Friday tradition from her youth ... which means so do we.

92 - Good Friday

A long Easter weekend ... this is how cousins play.

93 - Cousins

Celebrating Easter Sunday in the morning, followed by the long anticipated suckling pig dinner.

94 - Suckling Pig

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