Friday, April 23, 2010

House Swimming Sports

The girls had their house swimming sports today.  My throat is still a bit hoarse from yelling encouragement to them.  I got home and downloaded the photos and they're pretty bad ... a lot are blurry ... mainly because I get a little bit excited when I'm watching and forget to hold the camera steady ... yes, I'm living vicariously through my children.  So no action shots of Big Girl's racing dives ... but here's what I've got.

Big girl on the blocks for the 50m freestyle.  I must admit her diving and tumble turns were a strong point today ... she really killed them on her turns ... she was disappointed when she found out earlier in the week that she wasn't going to be swimming the 100m races.


and in the 25m butterfly, she's in the far lane.


Here she is at home at the end of the day displaying her ribbons.


Big Girl's results for the day:
  • 50m freestyle 1st
  • 50m backstroke 1st
  • 25m breaststroke 1st
  • 25m butterfly 1st
  • 4x25m kickboard relay 3rd
  • 4x25m medley relay 3rd
  • 4x25m freestyle relay 1st

Little Girl raced against her best friend in the next lane all day.  They are both similar standard with Little Girl getting the upperhand in the freestyle and backstroke and her friend just touching in front for the breaststroke ... which was nice ... of course there were others in the race as well.

Here they are in the 25m backstroke ...


This is the first year Little Girl has been in the swimming sports and all the girls in her backstroke race stopped as they came into the wall. I was getting a little animated at that stage yelling out to keep going and touch the wall so no photos of the finish.

 Here they are at the finish of the 25m breaststroke.


Little Girl's results for the day:

  • 25m freestyle 2nd
  • 25m backstroke 2nd
  • 25m breaststroke 2nd
  • 4x25m kickboard relay 3rd
  • 4x25m novelty relay 3rd
  • 4x25m freestyle relay 2nd

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canpeg said...

Well done, Girls - all three of you LOL