Monday, April 12, 2010

Food, lots of swimming, houses, relaxing ... this week's P365

Who's for icecream ... grandad and the kids.

Day 95 - Icrecream

Every 2 years we get interviewed as part of the GrowingUp in Australia study.

Day 96 - Study Time

Soil testing ... and so the big project starts.

Day 97 - Soil Testing

Wicked Arvos at the pool, extra fun for the price of the kids admission ... inflatable and tarzan rope.

Day 98 - Water Fun

Finally my girl got the opportunity to do some diving lessons ... 4 days this week ... and it lived up to her expectations -> success.

99 - Diving Clinic

A big bowl on the bench plus these on the windowsill, we have home grown tomatoes coming out our ears ... time to make some pasta sauce.

100 - Tomatoes

After church and brunch with friends we have a relaxing afternoon before dropping over to my brothers to talk houses.

101 - Famous Five

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