Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Holidays

We have been making the most of the school holidays, the weather has been gorgeous which helps.  My sister and I had our annual search for the best hotcross bun recipe.  I tried out two this year.

N.B.  I use a breadmaker to mix.

The first based on the currant buns in In the Kitchen by Allan Campion and Michele Curtis.


The second using this recipe.  Now these worked in spite of my comedy of errors in making them, which involved numerous mishaps with the bread machine.


Both were really good. The second is a much fluffier bun so if you like dense and heavy go with the first. I think the kids enjoyed the second lot better and they also keep better if you can't eat them the day you cook them.

The kids also decorated eggs ... well they drew on them after I'd blown them ... which takes a bit of puff by the way ... then we dyed them.


I had a heap of ripe tomatoes from the garden so I made tomato relish. Which is just happens to be #17 on the list.


The kids have enjoyed their time too. They did some chalk drawing.


Made some floor beds ...


run amok with their cousins down at the holiday house ...



Celebrated birthdays


Ate chocolate


and swam in the rather cold pool


Throw in 4 visits to church and lots more chocolate and you get the picture ... and I almost forgot the suckling pig dinner but I think that may need to wait for another post.

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