Tuesday, April 6, 2010

develop on fridays :: Natural Light

Assignment: Find the light . . . . .beautiful, gorgeous light! Go on a light safari and look for places that have beautiful natural light. Please post your images and tell us what you did to find that amazing light!

So it's worth clicking over to this week's assignment and checking out the Nichole's wonderful explanation for finding and using natural light for portraits.  The first technique is one I use quite a lot ... putting the subject in shade.  So I went on a long safari ... about 5m outside my backdoor ... and took this shot of The Boy.


The second technique was one I hadn't heard of before and I was keen to give it a go ... but an overcast day was required ... drat you long streak of blue sunny skies ... which is why it took me so long to finish this assignment.  When I finally got Little girl outside on an overcast day, even with her back to the light it was still too bright for her and she kept squinting ... not sure what I did wrong.

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