Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthdays, movies, garden, lunch and a workshop ... this week's P365

Last day of holidays we went to learn "How to Train a Dragon" ... anything dragon is a must for my big girl.

102 - 3D

After 1/4cup of salt in the first cake this is #2 made by my big girl to celebrate a birthday a small group ... scored rave reviews.

103 - Cake

Self-explanatory really.

104 - Lunch

The kids came inside because all the balls went onto the mushrooms ... makes sense??

105 - End of Game

This morning I'm off to learn "How to write small grant applications" #bureaucraticfun

106 - Grant Writing

Went out in the garden and came back with this.

107 - Foraging

A park is a good place to get together to celebrate a couple of birthdays.

108 - The Cousins

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