Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This and That

Been pretty busy lately.  Last week our dishwasher broke down ... Hubby thought we better hurry and get a new one for the health of our marriage, so we went off on Saturday to get a new one.  It arrived today and is just working through it's cleaning cycle.  When it finishes I'll load it up with the breakfast dishes ... yay.  The kids didn't mind helping out with the dishes because they'd never done them before, in fact The Boy and LIttle Girl had a fight the first night before we pointed out that there were two teatowels ... then they had a fight about who was going to dry what.

It's holidays now so I put the kids to work yesterday morning.  Big Girl made chicken schnitzels from scratch all by herself and The Boy vacuumed the lounge and dining room and did a spectacular job sweeping the front verandah ... school holidays are looking pretty good about now.  Little Girl had enough to do just cleaning her room ... yes that bad.

Yesterday afternoon we scored some tickets from my sister to the Gruffalo, her kids weren't 100% so I took The Boy and Little Girl.


I think maybe Little Girl is trying to be the Gruffalo. It was great. They used the words from the book and padded it out with extra dialogue and some songs.

While we were there I took the kids up to the Chemistry department to meet my old supervisor. Had a quick catch up ... he thought he might try to stick around until my kids are old enough for uni. He showed them my thesis on his shelves and we chatted about the half-finished paper that keeps popping up when he goes through his files. Then I took them down to look at the labs. The wing I was in has been completely gutted and is now shiny and new, blue and white ... just not the same.

Saturday we started a game of Monopoly.


It's Big Girl against me. Little Girl is being banker and The Boy occasionally comes in to help me out with rolling the dice, moving and reading the chance cards. It's still going ... this morning it looked like this ...


... of yes ... the hotels are mine ... won't be long before I crush her. Competitive? ... no we're not competitive at our house.

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canpeg said...

This sounds so like our house, over the years though ... Em and Michaela fighting over the washing up with Steve and I, and the endless games of Monopoly, went on for days unless there was a disagreement, and my middle sister up-ended the lot, all over the table and floor ! That brought it to an abrupt end - and NO winner, of course LOL