Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project365 February 2010

The holidays are kicking along nicely for us, with friends to play, chalk drawing on the driveway, hideaways built in the bedrooms, a dragon chasing cinderella this morning and now playing in the backyard in p.j.s, it's good for the kids to be able run free.  Last night we took them along with us to prayer night at church ... oh, yeah ... we're hardcore.

Over the next couple of days I plan to try out two new recipes for hot cross buns in the search for the ultimate recipe that my sister and I started last year, decorate some eggs, start some cross country training for Big Girl and today we're off to the dentist.  Thursday night we plan on going here and we'll head back again for Good Friday.

Anyway onto the actual topic of this post ... I know it's almost April but here's February's Project365 summary layout for our family album.  You'll notice it's a similar layout to January.


Credits HERE.

For my words and photo book I'm planning a smaller 7x7 album from blurb.  I'll probably do a variety of one or two photo pages depending on how much I love the photos.  Here's a photo I love so it gets it's own page:


Credits HERE.

I'm so glad I've taken the time to write words to go with the photos as I upload to flickr, it makes the process much easier.

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