Friday, March 26, 2010

Planting Seeds

With the summer harvest coming to an end and many of the plants shrivelling up, it's time to start some seedlings for planting.  The kids are always keen to help.  This is what happens when you mix a packet of tiny cos lettuce seeds and a little girl wearing bright yellow gloves.


We managed to scrape up most of the seeds.  The Boy's rainbow chard seeds were a little bigger but I helped him out anyway.


We're using the toilet rolls again for starting the seeds.  I popped them in old margarine tubs.  I just pour water in the tub and it works it's way up through the dirt.




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canpeg said...

Thanks for the gardening tutorial, Mel LOL I have heaps of those toilet rolls, and as the schools won't take them, I was going to throw them out ! I'm sure the garden is not too fussy :)