Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nuts4digi Melbourne Catchup

I was on the CT at nuts4digi for nearly 2 years, finishing up late last year and over that time had plenty of chatting with the girls online. There's been people come and go and finally last Saturday I met some of the girls IRL. Deb was down from Queensland with Steve and Annette (CT member) and Debbie the owner rounded out the five of us. Let me say we can talk IRL just as well as online. I caught the ferry across to Sorrento from Pt Lonsdale. The day was very steamy but luckily the rain held off until it was time for me to catch the ferry back ... then the thunder and lightning came but nothing like they had back in the city. Anyway some photos ... Looking back to the mariner as the ferry pulled out of Queenscliff. It was quite bright and reasonably sunny then.
and here's the four of us at Sorrento, Steve kindly took the photographer's role for a bit.
This is just before I got back on the ferry. This is when the thunder started rolling in ... although it was coming up from behind me ... you can just see the edge of the dirty, black cloud in the top corner.


tamara said...

So thats what you all look like. What a great moment to record.

canpeg said...

Well, well, aren't we a smashing bunch ! :D Who said we could talk !!! LOL It was a fabulous day, and I was so glad to finally meet you :)
Great memories. I also took a photo of that sea and the black cloud BG, and it actually looked a half decent photo LOL

Thanks for helping to make the memories.