Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen

My kids have loved helping out in the kitchen since they were tiny. This year we've moved it up a notch and each week I get them to make something yummy for their lunchboxes. As long as I'm in the vicinity they can do most recipes by themselves. The girls learnt this year to crack eggs ... little girls worst ratio so far is 2 eggs on floor with 4 in the bowl ... let's just say I don't clean the floor before the cooking.

Last week the kids came home from school and made chocolate cake, bread and then chicken schnitzels. We try to make it fun ... I mean who doesn't like to lick the beaters?  Of course when making chicken schnitzels I make sure I stress not to lick anything ... raw chicken ... yum.  Luckily for me Big Girl got into the act ... she has a much better track record with breaking the eggs into the bowl.


Then it was time for the fun part ... I mean what kid isn't going to jump at the opportunity to whack chicken fillets with a rolling pin? - definitely not a 6 y.o. boy.

68 - Kitchen Helpers

I was worried for a minute, I thought he was turning round to whack his sister, but he was just handing over the rolling pin so she could have a go.


10 y.o. girls don't mind a bit of chicken whacking either.


What I like ... it's fun for them, they're not watching TV and while they're doing the cooking I can be pottering around doing some other jobs that might not get done otherwise.

How do you get the kids involved in the kitchen?

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Amy said...

At this stage it is mostly supervised stirring and pouring and cracking of eggs - at 6 & 3 the dynamics are too fragile!