Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock

Spending another Sunday with my sisters but this time Hubby and the kids came to the Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock.  Lots of food and drinks to sample and also buy, live music and kids activities ... although the 1hr line for face painting was too daunting for us ... to the great disappointment of my Big Girl.


We picked a nice spot for our picnic blanket, up near the playground, under the trees and out of the crowd. The kids enjoyed the playground ...


and their lunch of pies and chips.


A certain little boy also took the opportunity to wreak some havoc with the long strips of bark ... hey they're not sticks!


Meanwhile the adults snacked on lamb kebab, calamari ...


cheese and biscuits and a bottle of red wine.


Here's little sis ... the cheese platter was her contribution.


Next up Timboon icecream. I had lamington and hokey pokey ... soooooo good.


After that little sis and I decided to go for some wine tasting. We made it halfway round before I pulled the pin and we decided to head back with our purchase and without stopping at the waffle stand as originally planned ... need to know when you've reached your limit. Hubby was keen to go by now because we planned to stop at a friends place before meeting back up with middle sis for tea but I had promised the kids we could walk up to the top of Hanging Rock. Grabbed the kids and set off at a speedy pace up the hill while Hubby went with little sis for some beer tasting and organised to meet back at the car.

We decided to take the stairs rather than the ramp to the top because I figured it would be quicker. There was a lot of stairs ... and they were pretty steep.


Lovely views and interesting rock formations at the top.


The Boy thought this one looked like a face:


Good to catch up with friends even if it was a flying visit, although they are moving back to Melbourne soon anyway, then dinner at Pizza Verde. Excellent thin crust pizza, italian coleslaw and brownie sandwich.


and that would be #13 on The List.


Amy said...

I really need to know where you get the brownie sandwich????? I'm in the north east - will it be an all day trek?
Looks like a great day out :-)

Suzanne said...

wow! sounds (and looks) like an amazing day!

katef said...

Oh you know we've never been to the Hanging Rock picnic.. despite living semi-locally! Looks like a great day!