Monday, March 29, 2010

Gifts, timeout, bottling, sick girl, dishes, monopoly and cereal ... this week's P365

Started yesterday and finished today, cards, palm crosses and easter eggs for all the girls in her class.

81 - Easter Gifts

At the end of the second straight day of, in the words of my boy, packing up a stranger's house, ... first shower, then sit down.

82 - Needing a Lie Down

Making and bottling tomato sauce with dad.

83 - Tomato Sauce

Today's plans derailed by call from girls school. Last week of term means I must have at least one home sick.

84 - Home Sick

So they had a fight about who was going to get to do this.

85 - Drying the Dishes

The start of our long drawn out, multiday monolopy game.

86 - Monoploy

Out at 8:30am, church, lunch at friends, afternoon tea at cousins in at 6pm ... dinner is whatever you can rustle up yourself.

87 - Breakfast Tea

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