Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Five #25

Considering the stormy weather on the weekend, our afternoon at the beach took us completely by surprise.  When the sun came out and it was so warm I quickly grabbed the kids and headed down.



This week's layout is from the Good vibrations Festival ... 2nd page in the works.

Credits: Template by Ashley Kennedy from her blog. Amanda Taylor and Emily Powers Beautiful Mess @ oscraps. Tiny stitches by Emily Powers no longer available.


Beautiful post When You've Been Framed: Life as Art.  I'm not going to make one of these for myself but they are beautiful to look at and gives possible jumping off points for recording life in layouts.


On a similar subject (recording everyday), I was looking back at my twitter stream the other day to find some information I'd posted and I realised that this may be useful in documenting some of my everyday. I will probably pull some of it together to use in some layouts soon and so I used Print Your Twitter to save it as pdf ... it will all be ready when I decide exactly what I'm going to do.


And while on the twitter subject you may like to check out Museum of Modern Tweets. Celebrity tweets illustrated.

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