Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Five #24

We went to Hanging Rock last Sunday.  I really love the light and mood in this photo:



I've already made it into a layout ... the facing page will have a collection of the other photos from the walk.


Credits HERE.


At the moment I'm waiting for my copy of Mark Sayers book The Vertical Self to arrive from ThomasNelson to review in the meantime his thoughts about "Change Through Staying in the Spotlight" are spot on.


I mentioned that we went to Pizza Verde at Kyneton on Sunday for tea. We had the Capricosa, Prawn, Potato and Proscuitto and Leek. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favourite ... they were all wonderful. The prawn was teamed up with chicory, crushed green olives and garlic aioli which was a combination I hadn't had before but it worked beautifully. Definitely gave me some ideas for new combinations to try when we do homemade pizzas. My dad and brother also went there for a course in cooking a Christmas dinner in the woodfired oven.


Anyone remember mousetrap? Check out this music video:

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