Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Forgetting, charades, eggplants, Famous Five, spider, fair and balloons ... this week's P365

I sent my boy in the wrong uniform today. Forgot Monday was sport day.

74 - Mummy's Forgetful

So funny, the kids trying to guess each other's actions ... she's walking on crutches.

75 - Charade's

Went out to find some beetroot came back with a whole bowl of eggplants ... now what to do with them?

76 - Eggplants

Reading some of my childhood favourites with my kids ... first Famous Five with my boy.

77 - Famous Five

Nearly jumped back into traffic today when I saw the huntsman on my car window ... then it hid and dropped on my girl after school.

78 - Spider

Rides, showbags and snowcones ... must be school fair time.

79 - Bungy Run

Woke up to little people shouting there's balloons, there's balloons.

80 - Hot Air Balloon

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