Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Distraction Avoidance

69 - My Time

For years when the kids were young when I did my quiet time it was always at night.  I'm really not a morning person ... hubby knows better than to poke the bear in the morning ... so early mornings are never a good option for scheduling something that requires any brain activity.

With the kids all at school last year I played around with various times during the day when the house was quiet and I wasn't dead tired but I never got a special time to stick.  Last year I'd got into the habit of leaving early for The Boy's pickup in the afternoon which meant I got a carpark that wasn't blocks away ... handy when you only have a limited time to make it to the next school to pick up two girls ... and also gave me a half hour which I used to read.

This year I decided to turn that time into my quiet time.  I figured there'd be no distractions and once I'd finished my daily bible reading there was no temptation to blow off the rest of the time and get back to jobs beckoning from the other rooms.  The first few days everything was great but then one day pulled up and parked and there was a guy in the park practising tightrope walking (yes, you did just read that right) ... the next day a guy was chainsawing a tree next to my car and I couldn't help having visions of it crashing down on my car.  So much for a lack of distractions ... of course when I told my smallgroup they thought it was hilarious, especially the tightrope walker.  It seems part of my role as leader is to provide entertainment.

Anyway I've kept going and after 5 weeks straight it's stopped being something that I have to remember and commit to, to being a part of the day that I really look forward to ... I love it when that happens.  Just being able to sit there, read, then pray and still have some time to dream makes such a difference in my day and my life.  

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