Monday, March 1, 2010

Bread, footy, swimming, homework, haircuts, DS and Harvest Picnic ... this week's P365

Just managed to rescue this from the oven before it got burnt like my previous effort.

52 - Fresh Bread

Hubby surpised me by coming home early and having a impromptu footy game with the kids.

53 - Afternoon Footy

My big girl home sick with dad so just supervising two swimmers ... this one making unbelievable progress.

53 - Swimming Lessons

I'm not a fan of projects for homework, especially when my girl changes her topic two days before due date. All finished though ... phew.

54 - School Project

A much needed haircut today ... the best bit ... getting a lollypop ... although he doesn't mind getting a bit of gel in his hair too.

55 - Haircut

DS lives on the mantle during the week but gets to come out for play on the weekend.

56 - Saturday

Did a speedy trek to the top of Hanging Rock after overindulging on food and wine at the harvest picnic.

57 - Hanging Rock

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