Monday, February 22, 2010

Read, eat, eat, play, eat, eat and GVF ... this week's P365

Probably about time I tidied my bookshelf?

45 - Bookshelf

By request of the big girl ... Dutch pancakes for pancake Tuesday.

46 - Pancake Tuesday

Just managed to squeeze this giant zucchini from our garden into the roasting pan.

47 - Stuffed Zucchini's

While the girls have their tennis lesson my boy gets to play in the park.

48 - In the Park

My girl putting her obsession with reptiles on display with some face painting at JSPA picnic.

49 - School Picnic

Saturday night dinner with friends, followed by wild kids scootering home through the streets in the dark.

50 - Dinner at Friend's

The Killers go off at Good Vibrations Festival

51 - Good Vibrations

1 comment:

canpeg said...

You seem to have inherited a couple more kiddos, Mel ;) Looks like you had a great time.