Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to normal scheduling, avatar and a baptism ... this week's P365

My boy on the first day of grade 1 ... not happy about going to school or having a photo taken ... but after early nerves , a good day.

32 - Back to School

Phew, all kids back at school. Even after a hot day at school they look pretty happy about it too.

33 - Also Back to School.jpg

Need to watch out if you're in the garden and someone hops in the shower.

34 - Late Afternoon in the Garden.jpg

Went to see Avatar today ... with my Hubby ... in the middle of the day ... making up for time lost while he's OS.

34 - 3D at the Movies.jpg

Day spent preparing for Mainly Music starting next week - clean toys, lunch, write lists, pick up kids, then sort out forms and regos.

35 - Mainly Music Prep.jpg

Sleep in followed by supermarket, visit display homes, cook and then small group leaders BBQ.

36 - Raspberry Chocolate Cheescake Brownie.jpg

My nephew's baptism ... an all day affair apart from a short afternoon interlude to visit a couple more display homes.

37 - Baptism.jpg

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