Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot and humid weather, love and sewing ... this week's P365

More hot weather ... fans not optional.

38 - Hot Again.jpg

Plastic tablecloth gone, new placemats and we can see the beautiful table again.

39 - The Table.jpg

Waiting for the storm ... hoping for some relief from hot and sticky.

40 - Storm coming?.jpg

Of course it has to rain now ... the girl's first tennis lesson with their new coach ... and by rain I mean gumboots required.

41 - Washed Out.jpg

Tonight we eat the first beans and corn out of our vege garden.... let me just say ... beans and corn from the garden ... soooo good.

42 - Home grown Corn.jpg

Taught my girl to fix her own teddies this afternoon.

43 - Fixing Teddy.jpg

We had an early morning visit from my boy wondering why there were words on the chairs this morning ... my valentine messages to the family.

44 - Valentine's Day.jpg

1 comment:

helena said...

I remember sewing at that age - haven't looked back since. and i love the query about words on the chairs