Monday, February 1, 2010

Homecomings, getting ready, tennis ... this week's P365

Today: packing, cleaning then home :(

25 - Packed Car

Australia Day holiday ... sleep in complete ... unfortunately, coming home, heaps of jobs to do today ... but went to tennis tonight.

26 - Australia day

Today was a day for jobs while watching the tennis ... ironing, sewing on buttons ... finally mending my boy's teddy.

27 - Teddy

Getting ready for new school year ... shoe buying day ... sneakers and school shoes for my boy.

28 - New Shoes.jpg

Today: friends and family drop in for a play , then, in the evening getting the lowdown on Mainly music.

29 - Preparation

Girls and I having pop and crackle sprinkles ... my boy says they're too bouncy #feelinglikeakidagain.

30 - Snap ... pop in your mouth.

Daddy's home ... 12 hours after scheduled arrival ... hugs all round.

31 - Daddy's Home

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katef said...

oh I am just loving your photos... such interesting perspectives on life!