Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Five #22

Just check out The Boy's face ... this is how he comes home after having a chocolate icypole at school ... you don't even want to know what his shirt looked like.



Good tips on composition: The Five Basic Rules of Shot Composition


For some reason I was having lots of trouble opening some pages on the internet today so I figured I'd take the opportunity to highlight some old items I'd starred in google reader.

The Daily Digi's Easy Sepia Tones

DPS 8 Guidelines to Taking Panoramic Photos

This on a smaller scale would make a wonderful addition to the kids albums or your own. Photojojo: Project 1976: Making a Photo history of the Year You Were Born

... and that makes 5. :)

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Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Hey Mel, looks a bit A did after a Bar One icecream too today :)