Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Five #21

First up my beautiful Little Girl.  I was going to post a photo of her avoiding the camera but she saw it and said not to show anyone ... I agreed ... this time ...



This week's layout is one I did for the digidares challenge blog. When I saw the challenge I just knew I had to join. I had been planning to do a layout based on my word but this gave me the impetus to get going ... which is rather ironic really:).

Your One Word!

Many scrappers have adopted the concept of the “one little word” for each year. This is the one word that each person chooses to focus on in her life for one year. Ali Edwards started her annual tradition in 2007. There is even a challenge blog (now closed) focused on this concept of the “one little word”.
I’d like you to choose a word and scrap your page with *LARGE* type as the main design element of your page.

Dare Flares:

-Use a thick chunky font and make your one word HUGE.
-Use at least one photo and fit it into your word in a creative way.
-Use at least three colors on your layout.
-Incorporate journaling on why you chose that word and its importance to you.

Credits HERE.


My one little word again:

Made with My Cool Signs.Net ... spells out any text using photos.


We don't usually get into valentine's day round here but I've been a bit of an old bag lately so I thought I might do a little something to make up for my bad behaviour.  I like the look of these Valentine Garlands,  just the right sentiment without too much sentiment, IYKWIM.  These Pencil Toppers look easy and fun for the kids.  I'm not sure whether we'll get around to them though ... Hubby is currently spending any spare time on weekends taking us around to display homes.


Sticking to valentine's day, today's xkcd made me laugh - Science Valentine.

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