Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Five #20

I can't believe I'm already at #20 ... time flies.

Just some weeds in our lawn before it got cut this week:



Had a heap of odd things to do this week so not much scrapping but I did do this layout, credits HERE.



Spent today with a friend organising her Mainly Music program which starts next Friday.  Have a large list of todo's but very exciting.  This is a wonderful program that parents and kids can enjoy together with a session of songs followed by playtime for the  kids and adult time for the parents.  If you happen to be in Surrey Hills area and looking for something to do with your preschooler look us up ... we meet at the YWAM base ... and if you're somewhere else there's programs all over the place including NZ, US, UK.


Round up of using gmail more effectively, clearly I don't need all these features, but knowing a few keyboard shortcuts would probably come in handy ... also the forgotten attachment detector ... I do that a lot.



Christy said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog...I've been to your blog in the past, and thought I bookmarked it (and maybe I did somewhere), b/c I remember your heading, which I love!! How did you do that? I'm trying to re-do my blog, and I love the way yours looks...very clean and neat, but very nice. I also checked out your Flickr page...its funny to see beach pictures in January! We're in snow and ice here...only wishing I was at the beach somewhere! Thanks again, and I DID save your blog in a folder where I can find it again...I'll be back. I love the Friday photo challenge, too. Thanks for blogging about it - I may join you when my new camera comes...although I still need to get a lens. :)

Melissa said...

Hi Christy thanks for the comment. I made the header using PSE. I put the blocked photos on a white BG which blends into my blog BG so they seem to be separate.