Thursday, February 4, 2010

develop on fridays :: lesson two

Lesson two of develop on fridays is Under the Influence.


This assignment's in three parts - before you read them I want you to NOT get scared or anxious. This is all about you and your interpretation of an influence of yours on your stuff. There are no right or wrong answers here.


Part 1 - make an individual inspiration file of not only your favorite photographs/contemporary photographers but also paintings, old photos, works of the old masters, etc.

Part 2 - review these artists and works and define WHAT it is that you love about that piece of artwork, or that style of art.


Part 3 - make a specific photograph based on that influence. Explain who your influence was in for this piece and what you learned / incorporated from that artist’s work

I have always loved the impressionists.  I love the way they set out to capture the effect of light in a fleeting moment and I'm always struck when I go to see the actual paintings with the way the light seems to shine out them, you don't get the same effect when looking at prints of the paintings.

Everyday I look out my kitchen window and watch as the sun sinks down and the light sparkles off trees and leaves and wish that I could capture some of what I see.  So this week I had some more attempts at capturing the late afternoon light in our garden.





melissa said...

beautiful. the similarities are very clear.

april bodenburg said...

i ADORE the last pic of the girl and the sprinklers!! lovely!!

Gina said...

beautiful!!! I love your shots...they are fabulous

Maria Ontiveros said...

Gorgeous! The first two really capture the light in very impressionistic ways! Bravo!