Thursday, February 18, 2010

develop on fridays :: lesson four

This weeks develop on fridays assignment is all about angle.

Assignment - shoot one thing from at least FIVE different angles. Consider and pay attention to what each angle "feels" like to you - and what it's saying about the subject.

I got The Boy down at the park while the girls were having a tennis lesson this afternoon. Excuse the extremely dirty face ... he had a chocolate icecream at school today and we didn't make it home before the park. There is heaps of great things to play on at the park ... these are on the mini rock climbing wall.

The first is from above. I think this is my favourite, captures a natural smile and you get a good sense of him climbing, although maybe a little vertigo inducing?


The second is from the side, not good because he ended up being half in shadow and half in sun.


From below, you get a sense of height and accomplishment.


This is from the other side ... still problems with the light and dark ... although not as bad.


Finally standing further back and level with the equipment. You get more of a sense of the wall but he looks awkward.


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Maria Ontiveros said...

nice commentary and what a great looking boy! I have a son and love boy pictures. Unfortunately, I could only see one b/c the rest were "unavailable" from flickr. I'll try to check back later.